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CopyCat Legal provides two essential services for our clients: setting up legal protections for intellectual property and pursuing copyright violators to reclaim money for the misuse of our clients’ work.

copyright services - registration and protection

Register and protect your work

Registering copyright is a like a shield that helps safeguard your original works from would-be thieves and bandits determined to use your creative without permission or compensation.

CopyCat Legal can help you register hundreds of IP assets at once with the federal copyright office. Why is that important? Because, the more work you register, the more compensation you’ll likely be awarded if someone unlawfully uses it. Copyright registration is an inexpensive process, and CopyCat will work with you every step of the way to make sure the process is simple and painless.

Pursue violators and seek restitution

Let’s face it – even with enhanced legal protections, there are crooks who simply will not be deterred. In those situations, CopyCat goes on the attack — tracking down the thieves and bringing them to justice. We will vigorously enforce your legal rights, and relentlessly work to win financial reparations for the unlawful use of your property.

If you know your work has been stolen, or are simply suspicious it might be happening, CopyCat can help. Our experienced team will work to find where your assets are being misused, indentify the violators, and aggressively pursue them. And you don’t pay a dime unless we recover money on your behalf.

copyright services - copyright claims

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