Copyright Infringement

Being an artist today is more than gallery openings and performances.

Sometimes it’s about having just the right image on a social media post. It can mean staying up all night designing a memorable logo that will be the face of a brand. Sometimes it’s working from sunrise to sunset just trying to capture a perfect three-minute video clip.

The artistic field is much wider than it once was. But at its core, art is still about passion and hard work. So when intellectual property is stolen, it’s no less heartbreaking than when a thief steals a priceless diamond.

But artists have rights! At CopyCat Legal our goal is to protect those rights. And the first step to protecting them is understanding them…

Photograph Infringement

When you see an amazing photograph, you don’t immediately see the hours and hours that might have gone into it. You don’t see the agonizing decisions that the photographer made when they were editing or the uncomfortable environments that the shot required them to endure.

So when photographs are used without the original creators express permission, where does that leave them? It means that the photographer has lost precious time and money.

If you believe you’re the victim of photograph infringement click here to learn more and to find out what your options are. You may have a claim for copyright infringement.

Design Infringement

Designers are an essential part of our world. Perhaps it’s a graphic design that will exist solely online. Or maybe it’s the entire creative concept for a new architectural masterpiece.

Good designers make their finished products look effortless. However, it’s far from it. Outside of the necessary raw talent this field requires, designers must also be fluent with several softwares and programs in order to craft their work.

When designs are stolen it not only takes time and money away from graphic artists, it steals the prestige that those artists deserve for their hard work.

If you believe your designs were copied and used without the proper license, then you may have a copyright infringement claim. Click here to learn more and to find out what your options are.

Illustration Infringement

Illustrators of the past needed to be proficient with pencil, sometimes paint, and a sketchbook. Today, much more is required of illustrators.

In order to get their work seen, illustrators must first possess raw talent to create their work. Then they must be proficient with enough software to format their work for different online platforms. Being able to draw or paint well usually isn’t enough anymore.

However, the joy of crafting an illustration that perfectly fits with a piece of text or comic is powerful. They’re the types of images that help people connect with words and stories. The best illustrations even tell their own stories.

Unfortunately, it’s only too easy for an illustration to be stolen and used without proper permissions. When this happens, not only is time and money stolen, but the intent behind the original work is completely dismissed.

If your illustrations have been copied and used without your express permission, you may have a copyright infringement claim. Click here to learn more and to find out what your options are.

Video & Video Clip Infringement

With more and more of our lives being documented and taking place online, there are hundreds of ways that videographers can create clips and share them with the world. However, the abundance of platforms doesn’t mean that creating videos or video clips is simple.

The amount of artistry and time that goes into videography is a testament to the dedication of those who craft such content. And the digital world creates exciting opportunities for those who want to create or produce videos.

Unfortunately, it also creates opportunities for others to infringe on your copyright by using your clips without your permission. If your work has been used in some way without your consent, then click here to learn more about your options.

Film Infringement

The amount of time and effort necessary to put together an entire film is staggering. From the initial concept, to production, to editing and mastering–creating a film is truly a labor of love.

With the ease of online streaming services though, people have become accustomed to accessing films whenever and wherever they like. This, inevitably, leads to films being shared, posted, or embedded in websites without the original creators consent.

If you’ve found that your film has been used in such a way, or you have reason to believe it was publicly shared without your permission, then click here to learn if you have a damages claim.

Text Infringement

Whether you’re a copywriter or a poet, writers are important. Using just the right phrase can empower, connect, or even shock people. Words are one of the most powerful tools we have to communicate with, and writers can and should take tremendous pride in their finished pieces.

Unfortunately, the moment your words are published somewhere, text infringement is just a copy/paste click away. The next thing you know, your words are being used somewhere unintended and someone else is getting all the credit (and possibly money) for your hard work.

If your words have been plagiarized or republished without your permission, then you may have a copyright infringement claim. click here to learn more about text infringement and to find out about your options.

Logo Infringement

A good logo is deceptively simple. They’re meticulously crafted and designed to be memorable, impactful, and to communicate what a brand or business does–all in one glance. So it goes without saying that logo designers are immensely skillful.

Once a logo is made, it’s an incredibly powerful business tool. They’re often used on letterheads, marketing materials, and more. So when a logo is stolen, it can put the entire identity and reputation of a business at risk.

Outside of trademarking, logos can also be copyrighted. So if your logo was stolen then click here to learn more about logo infringement and about your options.